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We serve our clients by offering them one-stop solutions for their insurance needs and risk control. Our wide range of corporate clients are engaged in industries as diverse as education, pharmaceuticals, IT, engineering, manufacturing, F&B and advertising, with groups ranging in size from SMEs to Fortune 500 companies.
Our consultants combine a broad-range of global experience with specialized localized knowledge of Asia's insurance market.
We represent our clients and operate independently from the insurance providers, to ensure we are able to offer our clients unbiased, objective and practical advice on the insurance plans that best meet their needs.
We have a strong tradition and reputation for building successful, long-term partnerships with our clients. In fact, this emphasis on working with our clients for the long-term and helping them build sustainable insurance plans is a cornerstone of how we approach our work.
Further to this, many of our clients are expatriates, living away from familiar surroundings and a familiar national healthcare system. Knowing they are working with an intermediary, who is acting in their best interests, brings them tremendous peace of mind. Similarly, we employ local client service executives to handle our clients in different countries.

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