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Your insurance experts
International Insurance Solutions is a full-service insurance agency. We are the utmost authority when it comes to your insurance needs. IIS has continued to make a concerted effort to only align ourselves with the top-rated and most well-respected insurance carriers in the industry. This alliance, along with our industry expertise, ensures that our clients will receive the absolute best policy, at the most affordable price.
Through our experience, we have learnt that the customer satisfaction is the key to growing a successful and stable business.
International branding, local experts
All our consultants are highly trained, possessing the most up-to-date industry knowledge and understand future market trends in your region.
Local problems need local solutions. We understand the importance of translating the clients’ needs into competitive coverage and service solutions for your staff.

Value-added services
We add value at every stage of the insurance process, from understanding your requirements, walking you through the application process to carrying out due diligence, providing advanced reports and considerate after sales service. Our dedicated consulting and service team will work with you to deliver extraordinary results.

Sustainable solutions
We understand the factors that increase premiums over the long-term and we implement strategies that bring about positive changes. We hold insurers to account ensuring clients’ experience consistently high-levels of service. We understand that helping our clients to control premiums is the key to a long-term partnership.

International Insurance Solutions

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